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January 23, 2019

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Operation Mobilise: Day 1

October 9, 2017

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Mobilise Magnified #1

January 23, 2019

The Mobilise movement began in 2016 founded on a simple question – “In a country as prosperous as Australia, why does anyone have to sleep on the streets?”


Mobilise began with a simple question but now aims to serve as a conversation throughout society.


Since these humble beginnings, Mobilise has continued to grow –


We now have 2 monthly outreach teams in both Melbourne and Sydney.


We’ve handed out over 250 care-packages, met hundreds of people out on the street and most significantly have given the opportunity to 100+ Mobilise volunteers to experience the reality of life on the streets while working together to provide functional care and make a difference.


We continue to explore what the causes of homelessness are and how we can help change the lives for those experiencing it.


We’ve learnt that homelessness can happen to anyone and for any reason.


Our aim is to continue walking with our friends on the street because we know that they are


homeless but not hopeless


So many of us within our generation are socially aware and want to help bring change, however many do not know how.


Mobilise is that platform


Mobilise presents an opportunity for everyone to get involved and contribute what they have, regardless of where they come from or their background.


We all have biases about homelessness and have heard stories of the junkie men running around causing trouble or that all homeless people are drug users.


It wasn’t until I sat down for the 1st time with someone on the street did I really understand that the stigma is all wrong.


Spending time with those struggling is a reminder to think more about humanity


Mobilise outreach’s are an opportunity to learn, a unique and humbling experience to be reminded about the truth of what those who are homelessness face every day.


Outreaches are not easy – they are a step outside of the comfort zone everytime.


3 years ago, when I first sat down on a random street in the Melbourne CBD with my best mate, 2 bags of bread from bakers delight and open ears I had no idea what to expect.


The past years have been a journey, it’s been incredible to see the growth of Mobilise and hear some of the stories from those who have been out here.


So it’s with pleasure that I present to you a new series - “Mobilise Magnified”


We aim to bring to life the stories that we've heard and share the experiences we've been blessed to see.


We might not be able to change the world right now, yet change always begins as a ripple of conversation throughout society


I hope you enjoy the new Mobilise Magnified series, as we give you an insight into what it’s been like for us out on the streets through the eyes of our Mobilise volunteers


I’ll leave you with the biggest thing I’ve learnt over these past few years –


Even the most simple conversation truly can change a life


Mobilise Founder - Noah Yang




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