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Change Starts With Us

For too long, the homeless problem in Melbourne has been overlooked.


We aim to remind society about the problems that those who are struggling face everyday.

As a generation, we have the opportunity to make a difference.

So why not us?

One City, Many Stories

We spend time on the streets, talking to those who are struggling. We serve as a beacon of hope that change is coming & provide practical help through care packages.


This was never about us, but about the plight of those we met. We want to be a voice for the voiceless throughout our society.

Here are their their stories…

Good 2 Go Cafe

As part of the Mobilise movement we work with existing charities to further their message.

We want to help a wide variety of causes.

Here is the first teaser of our video we made for Good 2 Go Cafe, the social venture from Youth Projects Australia.

The full version will be out soon!

Richard Story

Our first full-length story.

We talk to a man who's been doing it tough on the streets for a few years. He provides an introspective look into the struggles on the street.

Join with us as explore an often overlooked side of our city.

New Hope Stories - Mobilise

We had a talk to our friends at New Hope!

Watch this story as they interview the founder of Operation Mobilise & discuss what the movement means and the future of Mobilise.

We hope this provides you with a deeper understanding of what the Mobilise movement is.

Glen Teaser

A short teaser into our next upcoming story.

We take the time to get to know Glen.

He's been through some trials & struggles but he's never lost hope and we're sure his story will touch your heart.

Susie Teaser

A short teaser into an next upcoming story we had speaking to Suzie.

A well-spoken and articulate lady, you would never guess that she was sleeping rough on the streets. Homeless can strike anybody.

Coming Soon

Our next videos are in production & will be coming soon.

We have many stories from people out on the streets, we aim to bring these to you to add a human face to the problem and give you a new perspective. We have also worked with a number of existing charities to film their business's and to raise awareness of the unique mission's they are all serving.


We aim to be a movement that improves all aspects of society and raises awareness of a number of causes. Stay tuned!